Automatic Drill Machine for Gas burner


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General Description        

This automatic drill machine is specially designed for drilling GAS BURNER. It is fully automatic PLC controlled drill.

Benefit for User:

The Machine is designed for high production and less manpower.

Big advantage for user is, no need to qualified or experienced person to operate this machine. The machine is fully automatic with PLC control. One operator can handle upto10 machines.


  • Can work with CI (casting), Brass and Aluminum

  • Storage - 99 different burner design

  • Dual head for fast production

  • Works like VMC

  • Belt less design ( Geared Mechanism )

  • High speed operation - 0.5 to 0.9 sec. per hole. (depends on metal type and thickness ).

  • Programmable drill lines 1 to 10. -  including inner line.

  • Programmable drilling speed and depth

  • Different type of hole pattern

  • Built in auto lubrication - Programmable lubrication time

  • Modification is possible as per your specific requirement.

Warranty: 1Year


Also available single head machine, The machine will be same as double head. The right side head will be removed, All other features and facilities will be same


Technical Specification   

Spindle RPM:


Spindle Motor

 0.18 Hp, Energy efficient, Class "F" insulation motor

X axis Travel


Z axis travel



 Linear 50 micron

 Angular 0.06 degree

Burner size:

 60mm (2.25 in) to 200mm - (8 in.) ( can be change as per your requirement)

Hole lines :

 1 to 10 - including inner line(s)

Holes per line:

 1 to 500
Control :  PLC

 Specification are subject to change due to improvement

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