Pouch Packing Machine for    "NON Free flow Material"

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General Description        

The automatic pouch packing machine specially designed for NON Free flow material with OR without particles (eg. Shrikhand with fruit or dryfruit pieces) like Chatni, Khiru, Shrikhand OR any thick viscus paste type material. This is the first machine of it's kind. This machine can be used for any viscous and too much thick paste type material.

Machine is fully automatic with PLC control pneumatic operation.

Filling volume can be changed by pressing few buttons, no mechanical changes required.

Any type of customized machine can be developed for thick - NON Free flow material to fill into Pouch OR Plastic container.

All measurements taken at 50g. filling.

Video recorded at 15g. filling.

Technical Description


The mixed signal PLC performs all necessary function (like digital I/O, temperature control, Stepper motor control) to control the machine. It has built-in temperature controller to ensure error free, perfect sealing.

Pneumatic function control:

PLC controls pneumatic operation as per timings, set by user

Temperature Control:

PLC controls and monitors sealing temperature as per set by user, to ensure error free, perfect sealing. It stops machine in case of failure and temperature goes under OR over.

Stepper motor control:

The great advantage of stepper motor is, precise movement and low power consumption.

CMS control:

PLC built-in function of color mark sensor control. There fore no need of external color mark sensor controller. The color mark sensor (also known as "camera") can be directly connect to PLC.

Technical Specification   

Filling Capacity :

 10 gm. to 1 Kg. (With different models / attachments)
Filling speed :  800 pouches / hour @ 50gm
Accuracy :  +- 2 gm @ 50 gm
Control :  PLC
Operation :  Pneumatic
Packing material :  LD / Laminated film
Material :  All food contact parts made with SS316
Electricity req.:  230V, 600W, Single / Three phase
Weight :  500 kg (approx.)

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